You were born, then…

After you were born ‘they’ registered your birth,
where a ‘legal-entity’ was then created,
 here’s how;

1. This ‘entity’ has a name that sounds and looks a lot like “your” name, however ‘this name’ as an entity is not the same thing… it is separate from the physical flesh and blood you.

2. This is the LEGAL NAME and “IT” appears on almost everyone’s -Birth Certificate, -ID’s, -Passports and -Commercial documents, -Bank Accounts, -Licenses. Go ahead now and check it’s in ALL CAPITALS.

3. You are not this LEGAL NAME, and you do not own, nor can ‘you’ own, this legal name.

Just like the quote that; The “MAP” is not the land you walk on!” Sadly you don’t own that MAP!

4. When ‘they’ (your parents?) registered and signed your “birth” on the “Birth Certificate”, they unknowingly gave ownership of this name to the Crown Corporation. Simply thus, it could be argued that all “LEGAL NAMES” are owned by the Crown, and therefore using a ‘legal name’ without their written permission is fraudulent.

5. All ‘bodies’ attached to a LEGAL NAME, (you/me/anyone claiming/consenting in saying Yes!) are therefore also ‘owned’ by the Crown, meaning; when you ‘claim/join’ a “LEGAL NAME” you are consenting to be property owned by the Crown. e.g.

Such as:

Q:What is your name?”

A: (You say) “blah blah“… or

“My name is Blah Blah”, or …

Q: “Is this you?” (as the ‘person’ hold’s your ID card)

A: (suppose YOU say) YES

Yikes… You just JOINED AGAIN into to their GAME


A:Yes, I am ‘your name’

(which is accepted as being ‘YOUR NAME’)

Thus joinder is achieved  !! Boom !!, so read on…  >>>

“Truth is not truth simply because everyone believes in it.  
t is the truth because it is consistent and can’t be rebutted.”
  Iori Mochizuki

Fraud Vitiates All It Touches

A Fraud Revealed Is Null & Void, Nunc Pro Tunc


You are not an ID CARD, so to the

Q: is this YOU?…

What do you say:

A: “no, it’s an ID card…”

Below is some background information on the Birth Certificate and Crown Copyright

The truth about ‘your’ Birth Certificate

Summary of the legal person/name concept, how the birth certificates have been monetized, and how your labor/labour have been pledged as security to pay back the loans made to your country by the private banks of the Federal Reserve (Ponzi) Banking System used all over the westernized world…

So where is “Your Permission” to use this “LEGAL NAME”,  

and it goes on …>>>

“The history of the race, and in each individual’s experience,
are thick with evidence
that a truth is not hard to kill
and that a lie told well is immortal”
Mark Twain

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