In the spirit of being the change we want to see in the world…

… thus simply a further ado ABOUT this website…

ACTION is what do, actions we take and we do regularly are about the CHANGE we want to see in the world, knowing that WE are the change that we want to see, leaves us with the knowledge of responsibility of DOING (or not).

So in understanding the psychology of change, welcome to your team.

I/ME/Us/We have set up this website called http://LegalNameFraud.com

and it currently has a psychology focus, being about how to help others move over from using the name to being free with no legal name… any ideas are welcome of course, we can discuss the process of change here and find out what works and what is just pure theory.

>>> the process of belief change and paradigm shifting <<<

SO yes a few of the serious thinkers and doers who can input at the psychology of change level..


Welcome aboard the Emerald “CHANGE TABLE”,   at this website called http://LegalNameFraud.com were record our adventures for others to follow the cookie trail… because we DO want to leave a cookie trail, otherwise others could be left behind being those that we don’t  directly connect with physically in-time ourselves….


I figure to break things down and take a “bring them through the paradigm shift” approach, holding their hands, we know they are scared, they needs their hands held, we can walk them through the SHIFT, because  “SHIFT HAPPENS” and we facilitate that EVERY-WAY, in our being.

again; “welcome to the team”

Have you listened to Kate yet, or what...? A quick heads up and just a warning: read a lot before you ask questions... Oh and did I say READ LOTS first, You have been warned!