Just do it, and I mean Just Fcuk'n Do It, or not, that is the point!Go ahead check it out!


SHIFT HAPPENS… OK! It is a game changer all right, and that is for sure, but it takes a bit to SHIFT the thinking about not being a NAME…   1. When you were given the name, and are called by that name, what else do others call you by to get your attention???… Think […]

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“A rose (legal name) by any other name is but a rose (legal name) in different clothing….it remains the rose (legal name contract) regardless…the legal name is that rose….all other “clothing” (upper case, lower case, mixed case, arabic letters, western letters etc.) is how the illusional reality dresses it up to make you think it’s […]

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Have you listened to Kate yet, or what...? A quick heads up and just a warning: read a lot before you ask questions... Oh and did I say READ LOTS first, You have been warned!