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Listen Live ASAP, WARNING! see below…

it is ANAGOGIC, rather than literal, be prepared for this focus,

So it is RECOMMENDED to read the essays and
listen to quite a few episodes (further below),
before you start interacting live,
otherwise keep the mercurochrome handy… LOL.

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KARL LENTZ on Common Law Remedies that work.

Here are the many ways to get online and listen in live everyday.

Eventually you will listen live, simply by picking your “time”, for your location on this planet Gaia/Earth/Urantia,

EXAMPLE: So currently for East Coast Aussies, the live show is midday (11am to 2pm DST).

1. “Calling in with Skype is the best way, but there are only 50 call in lines!!” J.J ……….. SO you gotta be SUPER quick some days.
I will do a video on this one, so you can follow along the video steps to go live. You can listen and interact on the radio live.

  1. Use Facebook, [not live audio but updated text and links, following along with the show]
  2. Use VLC Media Player, [live audio] where you can listen with VLC media player | Media | Open Network Stream | and insert the daily shows url such as EXAMPLE: from URL address bar in your browser.

  3. Use iTunes [live audio] (at least for those countries that are not blocked like aus)

^!^ UPDATES ^!^ Any more methods that are used will be shared…

Also archived audio’s ON-DEMAND EPISODES from each days live shows are stored and you can download (recommended) and listen in your favourite audio player, and even copy to a CD to give to others to spread the love.

Have you listened to Kate yet, or what...? A quick heads up and just a warning: read a lot before you ask questions... Oh and did I say READ LOTS first, You have been warned!