Pop Psychology

It has to be said; Many people BELIEVE they understand something about psychology. Simply because we are all entitled to have an opinion etc.While this may be so, sadly many pundits are negative focused, not so here.

This section of pages are collections of POSITIVE ‘pop’ psychology, that may at least be useful in effecting a positive change.

Here is a list of Words that you can add or delete accordingly within your vocabulary;

Did = is a word of achievement

Won’t = is a word of retreat

Might = is a word of bereavment

Can’t = is a word of defeat

Ought = is a word of duty

Try = is a word of often used each hour

Will = is a word of beauty

Can = is a word of power

Further to the list;

But = is a word used to negate, often said against… DELETE THIS ONE POST HASTE, and diss-allow others from using it against you in an attempt to take your + power.

Don’t know how = is defeatist, and could help with re-focusing on what is possible.

I wish I could = fine if your into wishes, however the wishing well is full of wishes as a focus of desire say what you want

I want to =

I think I might =

I think I can =

I can =

I am =

I did =

I need = being needy, hmmm, It took me awhile to see the sense in this one. Stop being NEEDY. Compare a Need to a Want. Apart from the need for Food, Clothing (optional most of the time anyway), Shelter, Love/ Companions, Food and Chocolate. Mostly we tend to hold NEED as being NEEDY.

Have you listened to Kate yet, or what...? A quick heads up and just a warning: read a lot before you ask questions... Oh and did I say READ LOTS first, You have been warned!