Psychology of Change

You may say this “legal name fraud” thing is … ?wtf?

1. So is that your ‘belief’, or your ‘opinion’?
2. Could even say, that it is your ‘truth’?


Herein we shall discuss these ‘words’
that describe/encapsulate our (miss)understandings
of these word 


First remember to go ahead and have a quick review of these often used “power-words”, to get your head strait on the definitions.

Beliefs; Closely held ‘generalizations’ about (1) cause, (2) meaning, and (3) boundaries in; (a) the world around us, (b) our behavior, (c) our capabilities, and (d) our identity. Beliefs can be SO powerful and motivating that a person will, die, kill, plunder, etal; to maintain their be.lie.f.





Pecuniary Interest; A monetary interest in something;

1. Of or relating to money: a pecuniary loss; pecuniary motives.
2. Requiring payment of money: a pecuniary offense.
a good example of this is stated in the article, linked above.

Pecunidigms; Combines the meanings of ‘Paradigms’ with ‘Pecuniary Interest’
in order to take our thinking level to a higher ability, being ‘pecunidigm‘;

Practically where a person protects their paradigm, because of a pecuniary interest,
or on the other hand, protects their pecuniary interest because of their paradigm, so you decide…

e.g. 1. You are talking to a solar panel installer, and you ask a few questions of course because you are interested in some way, then you ask should your friend ‘xyz’ get an installation on their home? what do you think they will say hmmm?What is their paradigm, and then what is their pecuniary interest ??? BOOM pecunidigm motivator.

2. You are chatting with a friend of your friend at a party, and ask if you should engage a lawyer to do ‘xyz’, you find/found out that they are a retired lawyer… OK! so what do you think their paradigm is first, and then what do you you think their pecuniary interest is, perhaps one of their children went into law also??? BOOM ‘pecunidigm’.

ALSO: in this embedded article on the

You can see plainly that as a justification of their argument the writer [ ] clearly asks an “intelligent”, known authority, such as this barrister, law blogger and lecturer Carl Gardner… BOOM a ‘pecunidigmer’, in the living flesh. oh also including the so called “main stream media” journalist Jon Kelly, in order to write a balanced and well formed (or not) article!

Thus, I believe you are now getting the gist of this… Pecunidigm idea!

You could also say in the reverse of course, that this website therefore is effected by that very thing, [being pecuniary]… And “we” therefore , (because being as the originator of the “argument”), are in the first position that reins (remains) to be properly rebutted or not.


" All things are difficult, before they are easy"
John Norley


Have you listened to Kate yet, or what...? A quick heads up and just a warning: read a lot before you ask questions... Oh and did I say READ LOTS first, You have been warned!