STOP taking ORDERs without being paid

Are you over the CRAP of taking of “Orders” up the wharzoo,
and earning no money from complying with these “Orders“?

BILL the next “Public SERVANT” that Orders You/Thou* [see below]


When ANY Public SERVANT stops you personally (such as at the side of the road) and Orders a PERFORMANCE of and/or from you by way of the use of His (or Her) Voice, these 
are defined as HIS (or HER) Wishes AND Orders delivered upon “you” are placing a Burden Upon you!

Example(s): where man includes generically woman* of course!

  • ORDERS you as a man (and woman of course)* to “get out of YOUR car”
  • ORDERS you as a man*  to “GIVE-UP” up his or her “GIVEN-name”
  • ORDERS you as a man* to perform ANY task (such as hand-over a Licence/License)
  • et ceteras, et cetaras…

SO as remedy to “you”, deliver them… HIM (or HER) a BILL (an INVOICE)

(BILL / INVOICE: c. 1400; that of “order to pay”
( technically ‘Bills of Exchange’ are from 1570s in all countries)


When “HE” or “SHE” ( a Public Servant) makes their WISHES to perform known and ORDER(s) you ( a man or woman)

THEN: Make sure to require
of Him or Her to remember “Fair-and-Just” COMPENSATION, is now due
for carrying-out His or Her Wishes and ORDER(s)!

NOTE: I have used “you” here in most cases for clarity in reading as a standard, however


Thou = Singular,
cf. Ye – Nominative

You = Objective, which are Plurals…

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